Two-Factor Authentication Without the Duo Mobile App - Via Phone Call, Code or Security Token

Two-factor authentication using a push notification from the DUO Mobile app is the preferred authentication method as the other methods are at cost to the university.

Below are alternatives that can be used when using the FortiClient application.

Receive a phone call

  • Add &phone1 at the end of your password. If you have a second number on file, this can be changed to &phone2
    • Example:  password is Baseball13
      • Enter your password as Baseball13&phone1 
  • Answer the call and press any key to confirm authentication. 

Receive 10 Codes via Text Message

  • Add &sms1 at the end of your password. If you have a second mobile number on file, this can be changed to &sms2 
    • Example:  password is Baseball13 
      • Enter your password as Baseball13&sms1 
  • Note that you will receive a log-in error, but, you should receive an SMS with a list of ten codes.  Each code can be used once. 
  • Then, log in with one of the codes added to the end of your password: 
    • Example:  password is Baseball13 
      • Enter password as Baseball13&OneOfTheTenCodes 
  • Notes
    • Requesting a new batch of passcodes will invalidate all old passcodes, so it's best to delete the old message when a new one comes in. 
    • The DUO Mobile app provides a code for activated accounts.  Open DUO Mobile app and tap your account to see the current code that can be used (
      add &<passcode> Example "Mypassw0rd&123456" to the end of your password).  This can be a workaround if for some reason your DUO Mobile app is activated but not receiving pushes. 


To Receive a Push  
(If you did not originally configure your DUO Mobile account for push authentication when you enrolled). 

  • Add &push1 at the end of your password. If you have a second number on file, this can be changed to &push2
    • Example:  password is Baseball1! 
      • Enter your password as Baseball1!&push1 
    • The push notification will be sent to the Duo Mobile app on the mobile device. 

Using a Duo Hardware Token (Pre Approval Needed)

To authenticate using a hardware token, click the Enter a Passcode button. Press the button on your hardware token to generate a new passcode, type it into the space provided, and click Log In (or type the generated passcode in the "second password" field). Using the "Device:" drop-down menu to select your token is not necessary before entering the passcode. 

If authenticating with a program that doesnt have the "Enter a passcode" button (eg. VPN) append &<passcode> Example "Mypassw0rd&123456" to the end of your password. 


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