Installment Payment Plan – Browser Settings and Other Information

Your browser must be configured to allow pop-up windows.  Payments are made via ASSIST.  

  • Log into the portal and access the ASSIST app.
  • Navigate to: Student Services > Student Account > Make a Payment - Select Payment Method.

If you had previously requested an installment plan (tuition split across monthly payments), four line items will appear towards the bottom of the payment page with a balance. Each installment will have its own due date. Populate the Payment Amount field of the installment you would like to pay. You will not be able to proceed if a field is not populated. You may leave all other fields with the default of 0.00.

NOTE: If you added classes after requesting an installment plan, the installment plan may have increased automatically to cover the difference. As a result, there may be additional installment charges displayed that must be paid as well.

The amount entered in the Payment Amount field must not exceed the Balance. An error message will appear if the amount entered exceeds the balance.

image of over-payment message

Some charges may not appear under the ‘Tuition and Fees’ section. If you do not see your charges, make sure to also select ‘Credit Card’ > ‘Other Fees’ to ensure all charges are paid.

image of payment screen


For additional help, please contact the Bursar’s Office at or (956) 882-7623.


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