ePay Account Creation, Password Reset, and Troubleshooting

E-Pay credentials are completely separate from regular UTRGV credentials (@UTRGV accounts).  Many UTRGV activities use ePay for registration and payment.  These activities are not related to credit-based courses. Some examples are Continuing Education, Testing services, and various events.

E-Pay account creation (EPay credentials are credentials that you create.  They are completely separate from @utrgv.edu accounts.)

E-Pay Account Recovery – Password Reset

  • At the activity’s registration login page, select Can’t access your account?
  • At the Password Reset Form, enter the email address that you provided when initially creating your ePay account and select Send Request.
  • Locate the email sent to your email address.

From: noreply-reg@utrgv.edu
Subject:  UTRGV ePay: Reset Password Request

  • Open the password reset link and follow the prompts to reset your ePay account password.

image of ePay login screen with prompts to Register for a new account or reset password

E-Pay Web Page or Registration Issues

If you are directed to the wrong event listing, see code strings or experience other issues, please clear your browser cache.

  • Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac).
  • Choose the time range to clear.
  • Choose what you want to clear (all, or at least, browsing data and cookies).
  • Select the "Clear" or "Delete" option.
  • Once the cache is cleared, close ALL browser windows, and reopen one to try again.

For additional assistance, please contact the department that you are purchasing services from (Continuing Education, Testing Services, etc.)

This page shows a list of resources that use e-Pay credentials


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