Zoom - Manage Storage Quota - Download or Delete Recordings

Zoom does not offer unlimited cloud storage. Therefore, retaining all course recordings on Zoom will result in UTRGV's Zoom storage quota being exceeded.  Recordings will be deleted from Zoom cloud storage 30 days after the end of each semester.

Recommended options to manage Zoom course recordings:

  1. Recommended for Faculty:  We recommend you delete your Zoom recordings from the Zoom cloud storage at the end of each semester.  Please note that Panopto does not offer UTRGV accounts unlimited cloud storage.
  2. Manually transfer Zoom recordings to another cloud storage solution. 
  • Download your Zoom recordings.
  • Manually upload the recordings to UTRGV Microsoft OneDrive, or SharePoint.  
  • After the videos have been downloaded from Zoom and uploaded to another storage venue, delete the recordings from Zoom cloud storage.

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