Managing Zoom Recordings - Storage Quota

Zoom does not offer unlimited cloud storage. Therefore, retaining all course recordings on Zoom will result in UTRGV's Zoom storage quota being exceeded.

Recommended options to manage Zoom course recordings:

  1. Recommended for FacultySubmit a case to the Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology (COLTT) to have your Zoom-Blackboard integration configured to automatically transfer Zoom recordings to your Panopto course folder. We recommend you delete your Zoom recordings from the Zoom cloud storage at the end of the semester.
  2. Manually transfer Zoom recordings to another cloud storage solution. 
  • Download your Zoom recordings.
  • Manually upload the recordings to Panopto, OneDrive, or SharePoint.  For course recordings, Panopto is preferred since you can upload recordings to the Panopto folder for a specific course.    Here is an article showing how to upload videos to Panopto.
  • After the videos have been download from Zoom and uploaded to another storage venue, delete the recordings from the Zoom 


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