UTPA File Shares FAQs

  1. Why are File Shares being moved?

The goal of this project is to transition all file shares to a new updated server that will replace the dated and aging UTPA server.

  1. How will users be notified?

UTRGV Messenger bulletins will be posted each week and will include the list of file shares to be moved for that week. Posts will continue until all file shares have been moved to the new server.

  1. How should I prepare?

Map your drive to \\ad.utrgv.edu\MyShares\(file share name) BEFORE your file is moved to ensure a smooth transition. Follow this article on how to map a drive.  If you are using an Apple computer or are off-campus, you may need to follow the instructions to map the server address.

Take the following actions to reduce the number of files to be migrated by IT:

  • Review the contents of your file shares and delete any files no longer need.
  • Follow the Data Storage Guide
  1. Will special permission on subfolders be retained?

Yes, subfolder permissions will be retained.

  1. If I no longer want a network file share, where can I store shared files?

You can move files to Microsoft (MS) Teams or to OneDrive. Teams should be used for shared files. MS Teams uses SharePoint as the underlying document storage structure. The benefits of using MS Teams include easier access by remote workers, user permissions are handled directly by the department, and file versioning (the ability to view and restore prior versions). Moving files to MS Teams provides a central place for files and group collaboration (e.g., chats, meetings, etc.).  

Eventually, the use of file shares will be discontinued except where necessary for keeping sensitive university data, (e.g., data needed for state audits, large files (gigabytes/terabytes) needed for university business, etc.).  

See this knowledge article on how to copy folders and files from a file share to SharePoint.  After verifying that the files were successfully copied to SharePoint, the files should be removed from the network file share.

  1. What if the owner of the file share left UTRGV?

Submit a service request to have the new owner(s) configured. Include the file share name and path and the email address for each new owner.




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