File Shares - Migrate to Teams using Sharepoint Migration Tool

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Follow the steps below to Migrate data from a file share to Teams using the SharePoint migration tool :

  1. Identify the team in which you would like to migrate the files to or create a new team (recommended)
  2. Download and run the Sharepoint migration tool.   Right-click on the downloaded file and select UTRGV Run Elevated to install it.
  3. Login using your UTRGV Credentials. 
  4. Select File share from the "Copy Content from" screen
  5. Select Choose folder  identify the file share (usually under a drive under This PC) and select appropriate options. 
  6. Select Microsoft Teams in the "Copy Content to" screen. 
  7. Select the appropriate team which you will be copying the data to. Verify the information is correct and select Next.
  8. Select the default settings, ensure files in file shares that are being moved are not in use  and select Migrate. 
  9. Files will be scanned then copied over to the Teams site (this may take several hours depending on the size of the file share).
  10. When complete you may Save and Close the migration window. 
  11. On Microsoft Teams open the Files tab for the appropriate team to see the migrated files. 
  12. You can select the open in SharePoint button to use SharePoint to manage specific access. Folders will inherit rights applied at the Team level. Any specific folder rights will need to be reapplied.  

After verifying that the files were successfully copied to SharePoint, the files should be removed from the network file share.

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