Computer Life Cycle Replacement Project Information

Set to launch early 2023, this new university-wide program for full-time faculty and staff supports UTRGV’s mission and goal of achieving greater efficiency in service delivery by ensuring all employees have modern computing platforms for performing essential work-related duties.   Please review the Program Highlights and Objectives and Q&As below.  This article will be updated as the program develops.

Program Highlights and Objectives

  • Prioritize replacement of older standard office computers that are currently in use by machine’s age, over a six-year period. 
  • Prioritize replacing Windows computers that do not meet the requirements to run Windows 11 
  • PCs will be replaced with PCs; Apple with Apple, based on the UTRGV standards configuration.  
  • Employees must turn in all outdated computers in their possession to receive one new computer through this program.  Any computer that an employee/custodian wants to keep, must be approved and be eligible for future OS upgrades (Windows 11, latest MAC OS, etc.).   Any additional computers must be purchased by the department. 
  • All faculty, remote, and hybrid staff will be issued a laptop and — if needed — a docking station/hub as the primary computing device. 
  • On-campus staff will be issued a standard desktop unless supervisor requests a laptop for the staff member. 
  • An exception request process will be in place prior to the start of the program. 
  • Employees will be notified when they have a computer eligible for replacement.   
  • An employee can only receive one computer replacement over the life of this program.
  • Part-time staff and student worker computers will be replaced at a ratio of 1 computer per 2 workers. 
  • This article will be updated as the program develops.  For questions or concerns, contact  

Questions and Answers 

  • Do I need to contact IT to request a computer replacement?

    • No. Users will be contacted when their computer is eligible for replacement.  IT does not need to physically inspect your old computer.  As we get closer to starting the project more details will be announced to the campus community. 

  • Will IT move my data files to the new computer?

  • Which computers qualify for a replacement? 

    • UTRGV-owned computers that are currently in use and managed by IT.

    • Computers that are at least 6 years old, or

    • Computers with a processor that is not supported for Windows 11, as well as Apple computers that do not support the latest version of macOS.
    • Computers funded by research or grant funds are not eligible.
    • Computers that are non-functional are not eligible.
  • Can departments be reimbursed for computers they purchased in the past, prior to the start of this project?

    • No.  Once this program starts, it will fund computer replacements for eligible computers for six years.  Thereafter, departments must resume funding their own computer replacements.  There is no funding available for prior years.

  • Can new employees receive a computer from this project? 

  • This program does not cover initial employee computer purchases or research grant-funded computers.  These need to continue to be funded by the departments or with grants.   

  • Can the older computer be reallocated? 

  • No. To receive a replacement computer, the older computer that is eligible for replacement must be relinquished to IT. The drive will be destroyed and then the computer will be sent to surplus. 

  • How will exception requests be handled? 

  • An exception request form will be available in the IT Support Center prior to the start of the program.  Because the standard computers will be purchased in bulk pre-configured, any approved exception to this configuration will require the requesting department to purchase the computer through iShop. Upon receipt of the computer to be replaced, the department will be reimbursed the standard configuration cost by the LCR program. 


2/21/23 - The award and administration of the bid is wrapping up.  The next stages include updating the iTech store vendor tile in iShop and working with the vendor to set up requested special services (computer imaging and updating, asset tagging, etc.).   IT will begin contacting applicable departments/users within the next few months to arrange for computer replacements.

4/24/23 - An initial order of new computers has been placed with the vendor. IT is currently working with vendor on finalizing details before orders can begin shipping.


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