Change Default Location for Zoom Recordings to Your UTRGV OneDrive

Below are instructions to change the default location for Zoom recordings to your UTRGV OneDrive

  • Ensure the OneDrive app is running on your computer.
  • Check the system tray icon at the bottom right of your screen to see if OneDrive is running.

image of OneDrive app icon in system tray

  • If the icon is missing, search for the Onedrive application on your computer and select open

image of searching and opening the OneDrive app

  • Sign in to the installed Zoom application.  Select the SSO option, and if prompted, enter utrgv in the domain field.

image of zoom login screen  image of the domain field

  • Select your profile icon/image at the top right and select Settings.

image of Zoom settings

  • From the menu on the left, select Recording.
  • For the "Store my recording at" field, select Change.  Then, browse to your UTRGV OneDrive and select the desired folder.  Click on OK to save.

image of zoom recording location settings





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