Windows Defender Notification from Blocked Content

Certain software, hardware, and even websites are prohibited from being accessed on state-owned devices and networks. One such website that has been recently prohibited is A website may have an article that will embed web-content like videos into its article which may be from prohibited websites (Ex. TikTok, etc.). When it occurs, a Windows Defender notification will be displayed on their device:

Windows Defender Notification of Blocked content


This Windows Defender notification is a Legitimate, Informational purpose notice to the user. This will occur to all UTRGV-owned devices when connected to the ON-campus network or any other networks as well.

The user's only necessary action to the notification is to Press the "OK" button. The notification will continue to pop-up periodically for as long as the user has the article remains open or until the user has decided to Close the Web Browser.  

For more information regarding this and other prohibited technologies, please refer to this article:  Prohibited Technologies.


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Tue 4/18/23 4:04 PM
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