ListServ How To: Add Subscribers

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How to Login to UTRGV Listserv

  1. Go to
  2. On the main page click on Log In, located upper right corner.

3. Input your UTRGV email address & password.


How to Add Subscribers to a ListServ: (Owners Only)

1. Sign into LISTSERV at

2. Click on “List Dashboard” on the list management menu along the left-hand side. You’ll view all the lists you’re currently the owner of. Some owners may only manage 1 list while others may manage several.

3. Under Subscribers double click on “2” (each list will have different subscribers, new lists will show 0). Example list being used "" which only has 2 subscribers,

4. You will then be directed to “subscribers reports.” This will show all the subscriber’s email addresses that will receive emails when one is sent to the list.

5. Under “Add Subscriber” type in users email address and name, you can check mark the “send a notification” if you wish to notify the person being added. Click on the Add Subscriber button.


6. A confirmation message will appear that the subscriber has been added increasing the subscriber count. 





Adding several subscribers using the Bulk Operations Option:

1. Open Notepad to create a text file and add all the email addresses that will be uploaded to the list. 

2. Save the list and name the file any name but remember where it has been saved to. Ex. "listtest.txt"

3. Sign into LISTSERV at

4. Click on "List Dashboard" and choose the list that was just created to import several subscribers, by clicking on "subscriber count".

5. Currently there are 2 subscribers on this list. Click on "Bulk Operations"

6. Click on "Add" > "Choose File" > Select the file that was saved (Ex."listtest.txt") > Click "Import"

7. A message will then appear saying that the recipients have been added. 

8. Click the "x" to close out of the pop-up and now the subscriber count will reflect the added subscribers.   





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