Microsoft Outlook - Encrypt and Decrypt Email

We understand the importance of keeping your email communications secure, especially when it comes to sensitive information. We are pleased to inform you that Outlook offers new encryption options to help protect your confidential emails. 

New Email Encryption Options  

To access these encryption options, click "New Email," then "Options," and select "Encrypt" from the dropdown menu. See the instructions below. 

The four encryption options available on Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook on the web are: 

1. Encrypt-Only: Recipients cannot remove the encryption, so forwards and replies to the message remain encrypted. 

2. Do Not Forward: Recipients can read this message but cannot forward, print, or copy content.  

3. The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley - Confidential: This content is proprietary information intended for internal (UTRGV) recipients only. External recipients will not be able to open the message. 

4. The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley – Confidential View Only: This content is proprietary information intended for internal (UTRGV) recipients only. External recipients will not be able to open the message. Additionally, this content cannot be modified, copied, or printed. 

Instructions to select an encryption option 

  1. Click New Email. 

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  1. Click Options 

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  1. Click Encrypt and Select Encryption Option. 

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  1. Verify the message is encrypted. 

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The existing [secure] method of encrypting email will remain available.  

External email users will continue to receive an email with a link to view the email. 

  1. Click the button in the message that says, Read the Message. 

  1. Click Sign in with a one-time passcode.  

  1. Go back to your Inbox, open the new message with the subject "Your one-time passcode to view the message," then copy/paste the passcode into your previously opened browser tab and click Continue.  

  1. Once you pass authentication, the message will display in the browser. 

By using these encryption options, you can have peace of mind knowing that your confidential email communications are protected from unauthorized access or sharing. 

Email within UTRGV Office 365 is encrypted in transit and at rest.  Users can include the [secure] text at the beginning of the Subject Line for additional security when sending internal and external emails.

How to send an encrypted email
To send an encrypted email just include [secure] at the beginning of the subject field of your email. Note that square brackets are used.
              Subject: [secure] Monthly Report

How to open an encrypted email
Save and open the attachment in the email. Follow the instructions to sign in with a Microsoft or Office 365 account. If you do not have a Microsoft account (Hotmail or Live account) or Office 365 account, follow the instructions to obtain a one-time passcode to view the message. A passcode will be emailed to you and it will be valid for 15 minutes.

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