Move Email from the Clutter Folder to Your Inbox

PLEASE NOTE: When a message is moved to or from the Clutter folder from any device, the Clutter system records the action and applies it to all Mail Applications (i.e., Outlook, Mail app on mobile devices, etc.).

If a message was sent to Clutter by mistake, you can move the message from the Clutter folder to your Inbox.

To move email from the Clutter folder: 

Using Outlook Web App (OWA):

  • Log in to 
  • Click on the Office 365 icon under Applications.
  • Select Outlook from the App Launcher.
  • Select the Clutter folder.
  • Right-click on a message and select Move to Inbox.


  • Drag and drop the message from the Clutter folder to your Inbox.

Using Outlook:

  • Open Outlook on your computer.
  • Click on the Clutter folder.
  • Right-click on a message, select Move, and then Inbox.

NOTE: You may need to select Other Folder and search for Inbox if the folder is not listed.


  • Drag and drop the message from the Clutter folder to your Inbox.



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