Skype for Business Meeting with Non-UTRGV Participants

Non-UTRGV Skype for Business meeting participants do not need to have Skype for Business installed on their computer. Upon joining a Skype meeting, participants are prompted to install a Skype plug-in.  It is recommended participants test their connections prior to their Skype for Business meeting.

Meeting Organizer:

Create and send the meeting notice and include the non-UTRGV email addresses in your list of attendees.


Meeting Participants:

To join a Skype for Business meeting as a Non-UTRGV affiliate:

  1. Open email or calendar invite with the meeting request. 
  2. Click Join Skype Meeting.
  3. Enter your name in the Guest name field of the sign-in screen.
  4. Ensure the Install Skype Meeting app plugin selected.
  5. Click Join the Meeting
  6. When prompted, Download and Run the Skype for Business plug-in.
  7. If prompted, allow all security/firewall prompts.
  8. Once installed, the meeting should open automatically. If it does not, return to the meeting request and click the Join Skype Meeting link again.


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