Minitab - Installation

Minitab is licensed through a login process.

Request Access to Minitab

  • Submit a Service Request.
  • Enter "Request for Minitab license" in the Title.
  • Once, your Service Request form has been marked resolved, you will receive an email from Minitab Customer Support,, titled, "Minitab Account Activation."  

Minitab is also available for on- and off-campus use through Virtual Computer Labs (vLabs)

Installing Minitab and Accessing Web App

Instructional Video (view at highest quality):

Steps to access and install Minitab.

  1. User will receive an email from Minitab select the link provided to proceed.
  2. Sign in with UTRGV Credentials
  3. Scroll Down to Accept the License agreement
  4. At the following screen select the Option to use the Web App online
    Select to download the setup file for the Desktop App
  5. Run the setup file accept all prompts to complete the installation. ( Be sure to select Activate with a license and use Sign in as the licensing method)
  6. Search for and open Minitab on your computer.
  7. Sign in with your UTRGV credentials to license the product. 
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