Install Minitab

To download and install on a University-owned computer on the University's network:

  1. From the Windows Search field, search for and launch the Software Center application.  
  2. Select Minitab 19 from the list of applications. 
  3. Click the Install button. 

To download and install on a Mac or your personal computer:

  1. Download software from
  2. Download the license file from the portal - Help & Downloads tab - Minitab.  Save the license file to your desktop.
  3. Extract and run the downloaded installation package.
  4. When prompted, browse to and select minitab.lic from your desktop.

PLEASE NOTE: The Minitab license file for UTRGV users expires annually at the end of August. If you receive an expiration notice, you will need to download a new license file and instructions from the Help & Downloads tab

Minitab is also available for on- and off-campus use through Virtual Computer Labs (vLabs)



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