How to Self-Enroll a USB Two-Factor Hardware Key for Duo Mobile

Users can self-enroll a hardware device to make two-factor authentication easier.

This video shows the device enrollment process.

Basic steps to enroll a hardware device

  • Log into while on connected to the UTRGV network (on campus, direct access or VPN)
  • Select, Add a new device (left side)
  • If you have the Duo app installed, you can select Send Me a Push option.  If not, use the Call Me option (answer the call and push any key to continue).
  • Select Security Key and click on Continue.
  • Press Continue (again).
  • When prompted, insert the hardware key in a USB port and tap the button on the key to enroll it.

Using your security key (use Google Chrome)

  • Use the Google Chrome browser.
  • Log into the portal.  When prompted with the Duo Security screen:
    • From the Device drop-down field, select Security Key.
    • Press the button on your device and the log-in process will automatically proceed.