Classroom Technology Training

Adjusting Console Desk Height

The height on the console desk can be adjusted from 30 to 38 inches tall.

  1. Press the Up or Down button to adjust the height accordingly.

Turning On the System and Projector

  1. Touch the screen.
  2. Push the On/Off button to power up the system.
  3. Wait 60 seconds for the projector to warm up.
  4. Log in to the computer.
    • NOTE: When the projector is ready, the system will allow you to select the input source.
  5. Select PC for the input source.

Connecting a Laptop

  1. Remove VGA cable from the equipment drawer in the desk.
  2. Connect cable to the laptop and the input panel.
  3. Push the Laptop button
  4. Turn on the laptop.

Using the Document Camera

  1. Push the Doc Cam button.
  2. Place document under the camera.
  3. Adjust zoom or focus from Doc Cam.

Viewing Documents Under the Document Camera on the Computer Screen

  1. Push the Doc Cam button on the BLACK/BLUE console to view document.

Playing a DVD

  1. Insert a DVD into the computer's CD/DVD drive.
  2. Select PC for input source.
    • NOTE: DO NOT play DVDs directly from the DVD drive. Use Windows Media Player or the VLC Media player.
  3. Remove DVD when done.

** PLEASE NOTE: Before you leave, 1.) log off of the computer, 2.) turn off the document camera, and 3.) turn off the system by pressing the On/Off button.

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