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Adobe Sign is no longer included with Creative Cloud. Please use Docusign to request signatures.DocuSign is an electronic signature application that enables users to securely sign and send documents for signing from a computer or mobile device, at any time. 

Activate your DocuSign account

First log in to DocuSign, once you have logged in the default access will be made available.

  1. Visit https://www.utrgv.edu/esign 
    DocuSign must be used via the UTRGV link to ensure you are using the UTRGV license.
  2. Sign in with your UTRGV Username and Password
  3. Click on Create your Signature

General Training for End Users

 It's recommended to view the full manuals online so you are viewing the latest content.

DocuSign Basics Training Video

  • 0:33 Envelope Introduction
  • 6:05 Create Envelope
  • 15:47 Add Access Authentication
  • 21:18 Advanced Options
  • 29:49 Manage
  • 32:22 Signing a Document
  • 35:25 Envelope Detail View
  • 43:52 Reports
  • 44:16 Account & Personal User Preferences
  • 46:53 Change Sent Envelope Expiration Date

Additional Access:  To request additional access, such as PowerForms (PF) Admin or Sender - Template Creator:

Complete the Get Access request form

  • Category:  All
  • Resource: eSign
  • Application Role:  Select applicable
    • PF Admin - Template Creator
      The user can create, manage, and download PowerForms. With this option, there is a secondary permission Allow access to envelopes and form data from other PowerForm senders. If selected, the PowerForm administrator is granted access to form data and envelopes from other PowerForm senders. This user can use, create and share templates.
    • PF Sender - Template Creator
      The user can send PowerForms. This user can use, create and share templates.
    • Template User
      This user can use templates created and shared by other users, but the user cannot create or share templates.

DocuSign Powerform Template Creation

Note: Adobe Sign is not included with Creative Cloud. Please use Docusign to request signatures.

DocuSign Health Status Page 

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