Create and Manage PowerForms

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This article is for UTRGV PowerForm (PF) Admin - Template Creator

A PowerForm is a simple way to create a self service document for signature without writing any code. A secure URL is used to initiate a PowerForm that you can make available for signers to complete.Create and manage PowerForms that revolve around your company's intranet and work towards completing your goals. IMPORTANT: To create or edit a PowerForm, you must have PowerForm Administrator permissions. Docusign provides useful training tools to assist you with creating and managing PowerForms, for more information, follow the links down below. 


Create a PowerForm

PowerForms are created from a saved template. Only a single template can be referenced by the PowerForm. Once a PowerForm is created, you can change the associated template.


Edit a PowerForm

You can modify an existing PowerForm, and your changes apply to any future use of the PowerForm. You can edit the PowerForm details and you can replace the associated template.


Distribute PowerForms

PowerForms are accessed through the unique URL generated when the form is created. You can distribute this URL directly to recipients by email, or you can embed the URL in a web page for recipients to access.The PowerForm must be active for recipients to access the form.


Manage your PowerForms

Learn how to set permissions to manage your PowerForms. As a DocuSign administrator, the Permission Sets view lets you manage the user permission sets for your account.


Download PowerForms 

The format of the CSV file obtained when downloading a PowerForm data has been optimized. However this can impact scripts that were developed using the older format. The steps listed provide a temporary workaround to download the CSV file in the previous format. The steps would need to be performed for each PowerForm and every time the PowerForm data is being downloaded.





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