Navvia Process Designer

Navvia Process Designer

The easiest and most cost-effective way to design & document IT or business processes

The Navvia Process Designer is a data base-driven application that allows you to create and visualize information technology (IT) and business processes by designing work flow diagrams, RACI charts, mind maps, process guides, detailed technical requirements documents, and reports. Navvia also serves as a Cloud-based central repository where all of these items are conveniently and securely stored for any time anywhere access. Check out NAVVIA Process Designer Features


Navvia Training

Navvia provides free education and training on its application to UTRGV end-users. Active UTRGV employees are automatically given access to Navvia as​ a​​​​​​ Navvia Essentials User.

Log in to NAVVIA with your UTRGV credentials to access the Learn module in the menu bar and take advantage of the unlimited process development training available. This training provides the basic skills needed to use Navvia while introducing its features and ITIL/ITSM processes.


Online Training for: Process Owners / Editors


  • Navvia Design Module Tool Training - (3.5 hours) - Live Course


Watch Navvia Process Designer Demo (30 min)

Online Training for Information Technology (IT) Employees / Other End-Users 


Online Training Recommendations by IT Groups
Training Sessions Business Analysts Change Mgmt. ITCAT Navvia  Editors Project Mgmt.

IT Mgmt.

Request Fulfillment

IT Senior   Mgmt. & Process Owners

Navvia Process Designer Demo X X X X X X X X
IT Governance (Live/Recorded)     X   X X X X
How to Conduct a Process Assessment (Live/Recorded) X X X X X X X X
Effective Process Design 1 & 2 (Live/Recorded) X X X X X X X X
Navvia Design Module Tool Training (Live/Recorded) X X X X X X X  
Navvia Verify Tool Training (Live/Recorded) X   X         X
Navvia User Administration Training (Live/Recorded)     X          
Navvia Survey Tool Training (Live/Recorded) X   X X X X X X

To learn more, visit the Navvia Software Page on the IT Website.


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