Computer Purchase Standards Exception Process for Research Computers

To purchase computers that do not meet the standard computer requirements, please complete this Research Computer Exemption form. Please include as many details as possible (the number of computers, their purpose, etc.).  Also, include any other policy exceptions needed.  Ensure all signatures are obtained.  Email the completed form to   Once fully approved by IT and the CISO, the purchase can be made.

Computers purchased with a research exemption are only allowed on the research network (cannot be used on the normal UTRGV business network) and will not be supported by Information Technology. 

The following policy will be enforced regarding these non-standard systems.

  • The purchaser will have the sole responsibility for setup, configuration, operation, and maintenance of these systems. IT support will not intervene or participate in any of these tasks.
  • Systems must adhere to the current CISO Computer Security Standard accessible from the Information Security Office Website.
  • Network connection for these systems will only be allowed only the research network. The purchaser must register these systems with UTRGV IT so that IT is aware that these systems exist and are being used at UTRGV. Once an approved research computer is received, submit a Service Request and include the ethernet MAC address to have it configured for the research network.
  • These systems will not be allowed to be used on the normal UTRGV business network.
  • It is suggested that the purchaser purchase extended warranties for said systems to defray maintenance costs.
  • The purchaser will be solely responsible for any damages caused by said systems as used at UTRGV.
  • CISO office will scan said systems to discover vulnerabilities or problems which could affect the UTRGV Network infrastructure. Problem systems will have their access revoked until problems are solved.
  • This policy will be reviewed yearly to make sure it is adequately applied.
  • IT will allow these systems to be purchased and will approve such purchases.


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