Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication - Replacing your Phone or Mobile Device - Changing your phone number

If you have never registered for Microsoft Single Sign-on Password Reset (SSPR) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA), see these initial registration instructions.

Instructions to replace your phone number on a new device (ensure you have the Authenticator app installed and working from your former/current device): 

  1. Ensure you have the Microsoft Authenticator app and have used it to log in. 
  2. From the My Sign-Ins page (easier when accessed through a computer):
  • Using the working Microsoft Authenticator app from your former/current device, go to the My Sign-Ins page and and sign in. 
  • Delete your existing Phone Authentication method.
  • select + Add Method - Phone and follow the prompts to add the new phone number.  

You can check your authentication methods at any time from the Microsoft My Sign-Ins page.


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Mon 9/27/21 12:16 PM
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