Log into UTRGV Windows Laptop With GlobalProtect Always On When Not Connected to a Network or When Connecting to a New Network

Connecting to GlobalProtect Always On While Traveling or Using a New WIFI Network:

  • From the login screen, select Sign-in Options (under the Password field).
  • Select Password (key icon) or Other User Icon and enter your credentials as usual.  (If you have logged into the computer before, your credentials will be cached.)
  • After you have logged in using your credentials, connect to the desired WIFI network and GlobalProtect will then connect to the UTRGV network.

image of key icon on the login screen

windows logon screen

New User Login Instructions 

If you have never logged into the UTRGV Windows computer before: 

  • At the login screen, click on the tiny WIFI icon (image of a globe) in the system tray (bottom right). 

image of globe network icon at bottom of login screen

  • Select the desired network, enter credentials for the network and select Connect.  GlobalProtect will then connect to the UTRGV network.
  • Enter your UTRGV credentials as usual.
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