GlobalProtect Always On VPN for UTRGV Windows Laptops and Off-Campus Desktop Computers

GlobalProtect Always On automatically creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the campus network.  This allows the university to keep the device up to date and negates the need to use Multifactor Authentication (MFA) when accessing protected resources. When the computer is on campus and connected to the campus network, GlobalProtect Always On will not connect.

UTRGV LAPTOPS:  GlobalProtect Always On is automatically installed on all university-owned Windows laptops (replaced DirectAccess). 

UTRGV DESKTOP COMPUTERS:  Before taking your desktop computer off campus, submit a Service Request to ensure it has been added to the GlobalProtect group.  Include the asset tag of the computer in the ticket.  After the ticket has been resolved, log into the computer while on campus and leave it connected to the UTRGV network for a while to ensure it receives the GlobalProtect update before taking the computer off campus.  If you have already taken the computer off campus and have logged into the computer before (have a user profile on the computer), you can manually connect to the campus network via GlobalProtect On Demand and leave it connected for a while to ensure it receives the GlobalProtect Always On policy.

When GlobalProtect Always On is first installed, please restart your computer.  This will prevent any connection issues after your computer has been locked. 

If your computer has an Internet connection, upon turning on your computer you will see the following login prompt: Enter your UTRGV Email Address and password while making sure that the GlobalProtect status is "Connected."

image of login prompt with globalprotect connected status
















If the computer was locked, you will see the login screen below.  Make sure that the GlobalProtect Status shows “Connected” when logging back into the computer.