Setup New Autopilot Device with Windows 11

Role: End User

Use this process if:

  • The computer is managed by Microsoft InTune.
  • The computer was reset to factory settings using KB – Windows 11 – Reset Process.
  • A new computer purchased from the iTech Computer Store was received (Orange Label).

Note: Only Full-Time Staff and Faculty are able to enroll devices with Autopilot. Part-time staff will need to have a supervisor enroll the device prior to using it or contact the IT Service Desk for assistance. 

  1. Turn on the computer and connect to a wired or wireless network.
  2. When prompted, enter your UTRGV email address.

3. In the following screen, enter your UTRGV password.

4. In the Setting up for work or school window, please wait until Device preparation and Device Setup finishes.

5. The computer may restart during this process. After reboot, please sign-in with your UTRGV credentials in the following screen to continue the account setup.

6. Wait until Account setup finishes, a restart might be required, if so, please select Restart Now.

7. After restarting the PC, you may log in again using your UTRGV email and password (make sure you are connected to a network).

8. Once you are logged in to your profile, you will see the desktop and installed applications. You may start using your PC. Some additional applications will download and install automatically in the background, and this process may take several hours to complete.

9. You may find additional applications in the Company Portal app, which replaces the old Software Center app on these new Autopilot PCs. 


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