Mobile Device and Email Access Policies (ActiveSync and Two-Factor Authentication)

Access to UTRGV email on mobile devices requires ActiveSync (security policies).  Access to email from off campus with any device requires two-factor authentication.

ActiveSync (security policies for mobile devices)

  • What if you do not want to utilize ActiveSync with University email on a mobile device?

If you do not wish for the ActiveSync controls to be implemented on your personal device, simply remove your University email account from the device.

  • What happens if I cannot remember my device password/code? Is there a way to recover it?

There is no method to recover the device’s PIN/Passcode using Office 365.

  • What controls are enforced on my device?

Device will be encrypted (Required by UTS 165 11.3c if the device accesses UTRGV email.)

A five-digit device PIN/Passcode is enforced (must be changed annually).

Device screen will lock after five minutes of inactivity.

  • Will my device be locked or wiped after so many invalid password/code attempts?

UTRGV is not enforcing device wipe with ActiveSync. However, depending on your device's security settings (set by the manufacturer), your device may be reset/wiped if the PIN/Passcode is entered incorrectly numerous times. The number of incorrect PIN/Passcode attempts allowed is set by the manufacturer for your device model. This may also wipe data on a memory card. If you have the device in your presence, remove the data card if you are having difficulty accessing your device.

  • How long is the device idle timeout?

The device screen will lock after five minutes of inactivity. You will need to re-enter your PIN/Passcode to access your device.

  • What if my device does not support encryption?

If your device does not support encryption or has encryption disabled, it will not be able to sync  university email.

  • How do I remove the ActiveSync service from my device?

ActiveSync is removed when your UTRGV account is removed from the device.

  • If I utilize the Remote Wipe option in Office 365, will it also erase personal data on my device and on its memory card?

Depending on your device, any data residing on a memory card may also be erased. If you have the device in your presence, remove the data card prior to wiping the device.

Two-Factor and Modern Authentication

  • What is Modern Authentication? 

Modern Authentication combined with Duo Mobile enforces 2-factor authentication and web based tokens.  It has been enabled for access to Microsoft applications from off-campus.  

  • How does this affect me? 

When off campus, all employees will need to authenticate with Duo Mobile to access their UTRGV email and other Microsoft Office applications through a web-based method.

Students will not be prompted to authenticate with Duo Mobile.

DUO two-factor authentication is required for the following:

  • Access to VPN
  • Access to PeopleSoft from a location outside of a UTRGV campus
  • Access to a terminal server
  • Access to Remote Desktop to access your UTRGV computer from off campus
  • Access to email or other Office 365 applications from off-campus (desktop and mobile devices)
  • What do I need to do? 

If you have not activated your Duo Mobile account, you may need to update your mobile phone number in PeopleSoft to enroll in Duo Mobile.

Download Duo Mobile from your mobile app store.

Once downloaded, authenticate while on campus, before accessing Office 365 webmail and other web-based applications off-campus.

  • Which email applications are supported? 

Regardless of device type, email can be accessed via the portal (log in and access the Office 365 icon under the list of applications).

  • Windows OS:
    • Only Office 2016 or Office 365 ProPlus can be used to access email.
    • Office 2013 can only be used with a registry key update available from the Software Center.  
  • Mac OS:
    • MAC OS 10.11 or above with Outlook 2016.  The Native Apple Mail and Apple Calendar apps are no longer compatible.
    • MAC OS 10.14 Apple Mail and Calendar are not recommended and cannot be supported.
  • Android OS:
    • Outlook app with Android 6 or above.  Android's native email app cannot be used.
  • iOS:
    • iOS 11 or above with either the Outlook app or native mail app.
  • What if I have never activated Duo Mobile service? 

Follow these instructions to enroll in Duo.  This process must be performed on campus.  

  • How can I upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on my computer? 

UTRGV Windows computers:  Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus can be installed from the Software Center for Windows.  

UTRGV MAC Computers or personal computers:  Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus can be installed following these instructions.  

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