Connect to Virtual Lab (vLab)

Instructions to access the Virtual Lab

  1. If off-campus, connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN)You must be on the campus network or connected to the campus VPN to access the Virtual Lab site.
  2. Go to the Virtual Lab site at
  3. Select your desired connection option - Install VMware Horizon Client or VMware Horizon HTML Access (web browser access).

image of vlabs home page

Install VMware Horizon Client Option. This option allows more features and may offer better performance. It also allows you to access files on your local computer  

  1. Select the Product Downloads tab.
  2. Select Go to Downloads on the listing for your operating system.  Then, select Download.  Once the file has been downloaded, launch the executable. 
  3. Select Agree & Install on the Privacy Agreement and License Term window.
  4. When you see the Success! window, select Finish.  If prompted, restart your computer.
  5. Open the VMware Horizon Client application.
  6. Select Add server.
  7. At the prompt for the Name of the Connection Server, enter and select Connect.  If you are unable to connect, ensure you are connected to the campus VPN (see first paragraph above).
  8. Log in with your UTRGV email address and password.
  9. Select Connect.
         NOTE: These settings will be retained for future connections.

Configure the VMware Horizon Client application to save files to your local computer.  (This is NOT supported on the html access version.)

  1. Launch the installed app on your computer and log in.  
  2. Select the Settings icon (gear icon at top right).
  3. Select Drive Sharing from the left pane.
  4. At the bottom of the right pane, enable both Share your local files and Allow access to removable storage.
  5. By default, your local Documents folder will be used.  If desired, you can also add a specific local folder.  Select Add, browse to your local folder (folder on your local hard drive where you plan to save your work).
  6. Select Apply.
  7. Your local files will appear under the Z: drive (File - Open - This PC - Scroll down to under Network Locations).  If you added a specific local folder in step 5 above, that will also appear under Network Locations.
  8. Test:  Save a test file from the desired application and completely exit the VMware Horizon Client app.  Then go back in and open the same test file to ensure local file sharing is properly configured and working.

VMware Horizon HTML Access Option. This option does not require installation, however, it does not allow access to your local hard drive.  This option allows you to access the Virtual Lab via a web browser when your client device does not support the Horizon Client application.  

  1. Check the box if you want to skip this screen and always use HTML Access.
  2. Log in with your UTRGV username and password.
  3. Select the icon of the application you want to use.
         NOTE: The Navigation and Application planes will open. To minimize the Navigation plane, select the tab. 
  4. Save your files to your computer, device, or OneDrive. 
  5. Close all applications that you are running on the Horizon Connection Server before you log out. 
  6. Select the Open Menu icon on the far upper right of the Navigation plane.
  7. Select the Logout icon (box and arrow) in the menu.
  8. Select OK.
  9. Close the internet browser.

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