Cloud Storage - Sync or Save Files to OneDrive and SharePoint from Office 2016 on a Mac

These instructions are for users that have not previously linked their Microsoft Office applications to their UTRGV account.  If your account is already connected, Microsoft may automatically bypass some steps. 

Save to OneDrive from Office 2016 for Macs 

  1. From your Menu bar, click File > Save a Copy
  2. Enter the name you want the file to be called. 
  3. Chose Online locations 
  4. Select Add a Place 
  5. Select OneDrive (even if you want SharePoint) 
  6. Sign in with your UTRGV credentials.  
  7. If prompted to approve a Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) prompt, please proceed. 
  8. Make sure OneDrive or SharePoint is highlighted on the left depending on your needs and save your document.  
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