Add Printer to UTRGV Computer on MacOS

Privileged Management allows you to add printers to your Mac computer without the assistance of the IT Service Desk. All full-time faculty and staff can use Privileged Management to install software and make minor changes to their University-owned computers.

To Add a Printer to a Mac computer:

  1. If needed, download the printer drivers and install the package using Privileged Management.
  2. Click on the Apple icon - System Preferences - Printers & Scanners
  3. Click on the padlock icon to unlock settings.
  4. Click on the + sign, then on the IP Address tab.
  5. Fill in the following:
  • Address field by entering the IP address.
  • Protocol field by selecting the Line Printer Daemon - LPD.
  • Use field by selecting the driver to be used.
  1. Click the Add button.

If using a code to print:

  1. Send your document to print
  2. in the dialog box select output method from the "middle" menu (select "show details" if necessary to see this). 
  3. Depending on code method select either account track or user authentication and input credentials, click OK
  4. Click Print

To Obtain the IP Address or Mac Address of a Konica Printer:

  1. At the machine, press Menu button. Tap Utility -> User Settings (2) -> Printer Settings (5) -> Print Reports (8) -> Configuration Page - Start.
  2. Press the yellow reset button to exit out.

For Windows computers, visit this article.

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