Cascade - Request Editor Access to a Department Website

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  • Only users who will be actively updating website content for a department will be granted editor access in Cascade, the content management system (CMS). User activity is closely monitored. If there is little or no user activity, editor access will be revoked.
  • If your department already has an editor for Cascade, (i.e., departmental website owner), contact the editor to update your website content. 
  • If your department DOES NOT have an editor for Cascade or you do not know who the departmental website owner is, submit an IT Service Request to the IT web team for assistance with website content edits and new developments.

Request Editor Access to a Department Website:

  1. Submit a Get access! request.
  2. Click on the blue Request Access button.
  • Category field:  IT Resources 
  • Resource field:  Cascade 
  1. Description field, enter Please add <> to Cascade with editor access to <website name and link>.
    • NOTE:
      • For multiple websites, submit a separate request for each site.
      • For multiple editors to the same website, have each user submit a request under their name for individual access.
  2. Click on the Request button.
    • NOTE:
      • The process goes through several approvals before granting access, please allow one to two weeks for access to be granted.
      • If making additional requests, click Add to Cart to continue.
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