Request a Person of Interest (Sponsored) Account

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Request a Person of Interest (Sponsored Account) at this HR webpage (carefully review the entire process and timeline).

Once all HR processing has been completed:

  • The Identity Management system automatically creates the requested account.
  • Sponsored guest receives an account activation email with instructions from to the alternate email provided in the HR Biographical Information Form. 
  • Sponsored guest completes the account-activation process to access their email account and standard applications.
      NOTE: If additional access is needed, once the sponsored account has been received, please submit an Access Request. 

Renew / extend access to an existing sponsored account:

The head of the sponsoring department (Dean, Associate VP, or higher) must send an email to  The email must include the sponsored email address to be renewed and new ending date for access.  Once HR updates the ending date for the special assignment, access will resume - may take a day or two for scripts to pick up the new ending date.

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Sponsored accounts are available to those visiting a UTRGV campus for more than two weeks, and who need elevated access to UTRGV resources beyond those found in event Guest Accounts.
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