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Information Technology (IT) computer labs provide access to a variety of software, applications, and computing resources that support education and research.

Reimage a computer or remove old user profiles.

Sanitize (remove/destroy files) computer hard drives before sending to surplus.

Allows end users to download and install software or applications on their UTRGV-managed computer without requiring Administrator Rights.

Self-service account management allows current UTRGV students, faculty, and staff to manage their UTRGV account online from any computer at any time.

If your UTRGV issued computer needs to have direct access due to working remotely, an IT Service Request will need to be submitted. Please include the computer name in the Service Request.

Event Guest Accounts are available for individuals visiting a UTRGV campus for less than two weeks and who are not active UTRGV students, faculty, or staff.
These accounts are temporary and are only active for the period specified by the person making the request.

Sponsored accounts are available to those visiting a UTRGV campus for more than two weeks, and who need elevated access to UTRGV resources beyond those found in event Guest Accounts.

Network IP reservation for special systems, such as Data Center, Security, Police Department, etc.

Classroom Multimedia Technology Support provides rapid-response technical support and audio-visual equipment maintenance in all classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other meeting locations on all UTRGV campuses.

This training is required prior to receiving administer access UTRGV Training Services website.

Lends laptops to employees traveling abroad to a high-risk country on official University business.