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Software to manage Windows Server operating systems.

Software to manage Linux Server operating systems

Department user request for elevated permissions on eSign to build powerforms and templates after department has been cleared to use eSign.

Creation, Modification, or Renewal of privileged accounts, (i.e., terminal server access, database access, application server access, domain access, etc.).

Enterprise Backups for Servers and Databases hosted in UTRGV Data Centers.

A Virtual Machine (VM) Server mimics a physical hardware server's actions and is capable of performing as if it was an entirely separate server. The Office of Faculty and Research Support Services provides faculty and researchers Virtual Machine (VM) Servers to host applications and services that are needed as part of their research.

Data Center Hypervisor services. Vmware hypervisor services to provide virtual server support.

Enterprise Storage (SAN) for Software, Servers and Databases hosted in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) Data Centers.

Electronic fax service.

Web-based training management application for University staff and faculty. Allows departments to set up and manage training events.