International Travel Laptop Loans

What Is It?

The International Travel Laptop Loan service provides laptops to employees traveling abroad for official University business. Regular UTRGV laptops must not be taken to high-risk countries1. The maximum loan period is three months, unless otherwise approved.

To request a loaner laptop, use the Request Service button and provide details such as the high-risk country of destination, travel dates, and attach a completed and signed PDF form. Requests should be submitted at least four weeks before travel.

Upon return, avoid connecting the laptop to the UTRGV network and return it directly to IT. 

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Staff, Faculty

Steps to Request

  1. Title: Provide a concise and descriptive title for the request. This title should capture the essence of what the request is about.
  2. Email of Requestor: Enter the email address of the person making the request. This ensures proper communication and follow-up.
  3. Contact #: Include a phone number or other relevant contact information for the requestor. This allows for direct communication if needed.
  4. Account/Department: Specify the relevant account or department associated with the request. This ensures proper routing and handling.
  5. Full Details: Clearly outline the specifics of the request. Include relevant information such as dates, quantities, and any other relevant context.
  6. Justification: Explain why this request is necessary. Highlight the benefits or reasons behind fulfilling it. PDF Attachment: Ensure that the completed and signed PDF form is attached to the request.
  7. Requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to scheduled travel (can be submitted as early as four months prior).  Requests are routed to Export Control for consultation and approval and then to IT. 

Service availability and how to get support

By default, Guest Accounts have a two-week limit. To extend access (up to 4 weeks), please submit an IT Service Request with the list of accounts that need access extended. 
If additional assistance is required, please contact the IT Service Desk at (956) 665-2020.

Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM

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1Please visit this Export Controls web page to view the list of high-risk countries

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