PeopleSoft Access for Current, New, or Returning Employees


PeopleSoft is accessed through the portal, under the list of Applications.  If prompted to approve a Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) prompt, please proceed.  

See this FAQ page on initial account provisioning.   PeopleSoft access is automatically granted to current, new, and returning employees for basic functions such as submitting a time card (timesheet), managing direct deposit, accessing pay stubs, W2 forms, leave requests (full-time employees), etc.   Information Technology is unable to manually edit account access.

For additional access:  Submit an access request (see links below).  Access requests route to the requester for approval of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Then, the request will route to obtain supervisor and data owner approvals. Once all approvals are obtained, the request will route to the correct IT team for completion.

Timesheets and Payroll Menus

Access to timesheets and payroll-related areas may not be immediate but should be available before the first timesheet due date.  If you can log into PeopleSoft, but cannot access your timesheet by the due date, email (include your employee ID number). 


PeopleSoft training link.

Update your mobile phone number in PeopleSoft (for Office 365 profile and online directory).


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