FAQs: Employee Email Accounts

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How do I get an email account?

Employee email accounts are created or re-enabled once employment documents are fully approved and data is entered into the HR/Payroll system. It can take 7-10 business days for HR to process employee documents. The Identity Management system will then automatically provision employee email accounts within 24-48 hours. New employees will receive an email with account activation instructions to the alternate email address provided during the hiring process.  IT is unable to manually edit account access.

How do I change my password?

How do I check my UTRGV email?

Go to my.utrgv.edu. Log in using your full UTRGV email address as the username and enter your password.  Select the email preview pane or the Office 365 icon under the list of Applications.  Complete the Microsoft Multifactor Authentication.  

How do I add my UTRGV email to a mobile device?

Please see the appropriate article:

Why can't I just use my personal email?

Use of personal email for University business is prohibited. Your UTRGV issued email is the official means of communication with all students, faculty, and staff. Emails sent or received by employees in the course of conducting University business are considered "University Data" and subject to State Records Retention Policies and Security requirements.

What other email activities are prohibited?

The following email activities are prohibited when using your UTRGV email account:

  • Sending an email under another individual's name or email address, except when authorized to do so by the owner of the email account for a work-related purpose.
  • Accessing the content of another User's email account, except: 1.) as part of an authorized investigation; 2.) as part of an approved monitoring process; or 3.) for other purposes specifically associated with the User's official duties on behalf of the University.
  • Sending or forwarding any email that is suspected by the User to contain computer viruses.
  • Any Incidental Use prohibited by the Information Resources Acceptable Use and Security Policy.
  • Any use prohibited by applicable University or UT System policy.

Can I send confidential information such as HIPAA or FERPA through email?

Yes. Confidential information can be sent through email using the Email Encryption Service.

I forgot my UTRGV account username or identifier. What can I do?

Go to the Account Management webpage at: myaccount.utrgv.edu.
Click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

What happens to my email account if I leave UTRGV?

  • Email accounts of former employees  will be disabled effective on the employee's last day of work. This includes access to Office 365 software applications (OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.). All contents will be deleted 30 days from the employee's date of separation.  Information Technology is unable to manually change access.
  • Email accounts of employees who are terminated may be disabled immediately without notice.
  • If there is a business need, a former employee's direct supervisor can submit an IT Service Request to have:
    • Emails sent to a former employee's email account forwarded to the employee's direct supervisor, an appropriate designee, or other University official. 
    • Content from a former employee's account extracted and sent to the employee's direct supervisor, an appropriate designee, or other University official. 
    • Requests must have approvals from VP level and Legal Affairs attached (in pdf form).

Can I request to have my UTRGV email messages forwarded to my personal email account?

No. UTRGV does not provide email forwarding.

I recently retired. How can I get a retiree email account?

Retirees can request a retiree email account [@retiree.utrgv.edu] by following these instructions. This account is different from your work email account [@utrgv.edu].

How long do I have access to my UTRGV work email account after I retire?

Your UTRGV work email account [@utrgv.edu] will be deactivated effective on your retirement date from UTRGV. Account contents will be permanently deleted 30 days from your retirement date.

What if I want to keep my UTRGV work email account after I retire?

Retirees may request to be sponsored by their department to continue to use their UTRGV work email account [@utrgv.edu] by following the Request a Sponsored Account process. However, if approved, this account is only good for one year from the sponsored date.

What happens if I don't use or stop using my retiree email account?

Email accounts that are not actively used for a period of one year will be permanently deactivated and its contents deleted after 30 days.

What can I do if I have email messages or files stored in my UTRGV email account that I want to keep?

We encourage you to move important email messages, contacts, documents, files, or data stored in your UTRGV account that you want to keep to a personal email account with another email provider, (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.), before your account is permanently deactivated.

Prepare for permanent account deactivation by following these steps:

  • Create a personal email account with another email provider. (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.).
  • Notify contacts you email regularly that your UTRGV email address will no longer be active, give them your personal email account information, and ask them to use it instead.
  • Update any accounts you have that use your UTRGV email address as a login with your personal email account information.
  • If you use your UTRGV email address as the primary email contact for online profiles (schools, banks, online subscriptions, etc.), update them with your personal email address.

PLEASE NOTE: Once permanently deactivated, email accounts are not retrievable.

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