How to Request IT Support

  1. First, please search the Knowledge Base using the search field at the top-right of this page.
  2. If a solution is not found in the Knowledge Base:
  • Chat with Wally - see the orange chat icon at the bottom-right corner.  
  • Call 665-2020 or 882-2020. 
    • Option 3 - Urgent classroom support
    • Option 4 - School of Medicine support
    • Option 5 - IT Service Desk 
  1. Get Access to request new or increased access to an existing university resource such as PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc. 

Check the status of an existing ticket that you created - Note that you can modify the search filters.

UTRGV Computer Support

  • Please ensure you have restarted the computer as that often resolves the problem. 
  • Install software without admin rights:  Most full-time staff and all faculty can install software on their UTRGV computer using the Software Center or PowerBroker.
  • If you still need computer assistance, it is best to start a chat session or call when you are at your computer and have time.  This prevents the need for IT to call customers back and reduces service delays (often, multiple contact attempts are needed).

  • Please include your computer asset tag for all computer-related tickets.
  • Due to Covid, remote support must be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support.

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Support for Blackboard and Associated Online-Learning Technology

Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technologies (COLTT) Support Site.

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