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What Is It?

  • Create New Accounts: Request new voice mail accounts using the Request Service button to the right.
  • Troubleshoot Issues: If voice mail isn’t going to email or other issues arise, submit a Something Broken form.
  • For existing voice mail configuration problems, also use the Something Broken form.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Staff, Faculty, Researchers

Steps to Request

  1. Title: Begin by providing a brief title that summarizes the purpose of your request.
  2. Requestor’s Email: Enter the email address of the person making the request. Ensure it is accurate for communication.
  3. Contact Number: Include a phone number for follow-up or urgent communication.
  4. Voicemail Extension: Specify the desired extension for the voicemail account.
  5. Full Details: Elaborate on the request, including any specific requirements or context related to the voicemail setup.

Service availability and how to get support

If additional assistance is required, please contact the IT Service Desk at (956) 665-2020 or (956) 882-2020.

Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM.

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