Analog land-line, analog fax, Internet calling (VoIP), and voicemail.

Services (7)

Contact Center

Troubleshoot all telephony issues with the call center's UCCX software (Finesse, Verba - call recording, SocialMiner - chat, SMP - supervisor management portal, reporting). Create New accounts


Electronic fax service.

New Telephone Orders

Provide quotes for new telephone purchases.

Softphone Applications

Create new Jabber softphone accounts and extensions.

Telephone Hardware

Troubleshoot telephone issues, such as telephone rebooting, not powering up, shows "ethernet disconnected", no dial tone.

Telephone Request (Add,drop,change)

Add hunt groups, call pick up groups, add additional extensions to the phone, remove extensions from a phone, change caller ID name, add/remove voicemail.

Voice Mail

Create new voicemail accounts, troubleshoot issues with voicemail, such as voicemail not going to email, etc.