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ATTENTION: Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance if running macOS Sonoma. 

Global Protect will need to be used on and off campus when using SPSS. 


Install SPSS Statistics Version 28 – For Personal Devices

UTRGV is licensed only for SPSS version 28. 


Installation Restrictions

IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS®):

  • Can ONLY be used for University-related academic work or research
  • CANNOT be used in hospitals or clinics
  • CANNOT be used for University operational or administrative purposes (non-academic or non-educational)

Pre-Installation Instructions:

  • For SPSS to be installed off and on campus, Global Protect will need to be installed on the computer prior to the installation. Please see the linked articles below on how to install Global Protect for your personal machine.
  • In order to use SPSS on and off campus make sure to click "Connect" in Global Protect prior to opening the SPSS application. 

GlobalProtect On Demand VPN for Windows

GlobalProtect On Demand VPN for macOS


Installation Instructions: Personal Device

First: Log into my.utrgv.edu.

Second: Select “Help and Downloads” (located in the orange tabs).

Third: Select SPSS, Select "Info" and choose your Operating System (OS) (Mac or Windows).

Fourth: Select “SPSS28_MAC.zip” or “SPSS28_WIN64.zip” (This depends on the operating system you are running).

Fifth: Select “Download” (Gray button).

Sixth: Run the download from the downloads folder of your computer or from the downloads section of your browser.

Seventh: Select agree, accept, and continue for all prompts in the installation wizard.

            (For macOS move the installer to the trash once prompted)

Eighth: Double click on SPSS Statistics (application).

Ninth: Launch the License Wizard> Next> Select Concurrent User License> Enter: lm-spss.ad.utrgv.edu (This is a lowercase "L")> Next> Finish.

            (For windowsOS you may need to type (license authorization wizard) in the search bar (lower left hand corner) of the computer screen).

Tenth: SPSS should launch, or you may have to double click on SPSS from your applications list to launch.


SPSS is also available for on and off-campus use through the Virtual Computer Labs (vLabs).

SPSS is available for faculty and staff through Software Center for university owned devices only, Install SPSS for Faculty.


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