Report a Phishing Email Using the Phishing Alert Button

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Visit this Information Security Page on how to identify phishing scams.

The Phishing Alert Button (PAB) gives you a safe way to forward potentially malicious emails to information security personnel for their review. This feature also removes the suspicious email from your inbox to prevent future exposure.

The Phishing Alert Button provides security personnel with details such as the email header and other attributes that may be lost when the email is just forwarded to IT.

To report a phishing email

Outlook - Installed Application

  • Select or open the email.
  • From the Home tab on the ribbon, select Report as Phishing.
  • Complete any confirmation prompts.

image of Microsoft phishing button in outlook app ribbon - orange shield icon

Outlook - Office 365 (online)

  • Select or open the email.
  • Select    at the top-right of the email  >  Report  >  Report phishing.
  • To confirm, click on the Phish Alert button that appears.  
  • You will see a notice that your report is being processed and then you will see a success notice.

image of option to report phishing email in Outlook web view


IMPORTANT:  If you believe you may have fallen for a phishing attempt:

  • Reset your password immediately at
  • Hackers often create an Outlook rule to delete all incoming emails (so, the mailbox quota will not be exceeded due to replies).  After resetting your password, follow the steps below to check for and delete unwanted Outlook rules.
    • Log into the portal and access your email.
    • Once in Outlook, select Settings (gear icon at the top-right corner).  
    • On the pane that appears (right side), scroll down to the bottom and select View all Outlook settings.
    • From the Settings window, select Mail (on the left) > Rules.  Look for and delete any rule that deletes mail from your Inbox folder or any rule the forwards email to an unauthorized recipient.


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