Get Started with Duo Mobile - Enroll for Duo Mobile and Install the App

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Existing Duo Mobile User - New/Replacement Phone  

If you have used Duo Mobile in the past and just need to add DUO Mobile to a new phone (with the same phone number), view this article.

Brand New Duo Mobile User - Enroll in Duo 

Employee information from PeopleSoft is used to automatically enroll employee’s mobile phones into DUO Mobile. In order to use Duo Mobile, employees must update their Contact Details in PeopleSoft with their current mobile phone number.  DUO two-factor authentication is required for the following: 

  • Access to VPN.
  • Access to PeopleSoft from a location outside of a UTRGV campus. 
  • Access to a terminal server.
  • Access to Remote Desktop to access your UTRGV computer from off campus.
  • Access to email or other Office 365 applications from off campus.

Instructions to update your mobile phone number in PeopleSoft: 

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Under the Application list, click on the PeopleSoft icon.
  3. From within PeopleSoft:
  • Click on the NavBar (compass icon) at top right, navigate to:
          Navigator > HRMS > Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Details. 
  • From the menu on the left, click on Contact Details.
  • Click on the Mobile number listed.
  • On the resulting pop-up window:
    • Enter your mobile phone number in the area code/###-#### format. For example, 956/555-1212. 
    • Leave the Extension field blank.
    • Click on Save.
  • If you don't see a Mobile number listed, click on the + symbol. On the resulting pop-up window, complete the fields and click on Save.
  1. Look for an email from UTRGV Accounts with the subject line “Duo Mobile Activation - Complete your setup today!”  Your activation email should be received within 24 hours and will contain instructions to complete the setup process. 

How To download Duo Mobile (Recommended): 

  1. Download the Duo Mobile app from your phone's app store (Recommended). 
  2. Allow your mobile device to send PUSH notifications.