Submit an Idea / Project Request

Idea/Project requests are potential projects that are being evaluated. If approved, they will transition into an official project.  

An Idea/Project request must be submitted from the IT Support Center.  This ensures that the appropriate data fields are captured and workflow processes are followed. Once an idea/project is submitted, it will be managed throughout the evaluation process.   For more information, please contact

Submit a new Idea/Project request for evaluation by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Request Service button.

image of Request Service path and button  

  1. The initial form displayed must be filled out and saved.

image of Save button on idea/project request form

  1. After the initial form is completed and saved, other sections of the request are made available, General and Files. All sections will need to be opened and marked complete before the Idea/Project can be submitted. 

Image of Mark Complete button

  1. Following the submission of the request, its status can be tracked via Services > Project Request. It is important to note that the project request will only remain in this view while the request is being evaluated. Assuming the request is approved and converted to a project, the request will no longer appear in this area. It will then appear under the main "Projects" menu. Please note that depending on visibility settings or project membership, the project may not be visible to all users. 

Image of Services - Project Requests list



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