Software Assessment

The Software Assessment request is the starting point to ensuring that, among other things, new software/technology meets technical and security requirements, adequate resources are available, requirements are fully identified, duplication of software on campus is avoided, and timelines are set in the best interest of the University and not necessarily vendor driven. This assessment also leads to more effective and efficient implementations. To avoid duplication, first review the Software Inventory. If a similar software is available in the Software Inventory, contact the listed owner to obtain cost and other information as to how to subscribe/use the software. If a similar software is not available in the Software Inventory, complete this request before initiating the purchasing process and note that upon completion, the Information Technology and/or Information Security Offices may request additional steps or information to be submitted.

Submit an Idea/Project Request when a specific software or technology has not been identified yet or when requesting IT infrastructure or new IT development projects. See the flow below to help determine which request to submit.

For help on submitting a Software Assessment Request, please review the instructions for submitting a Software Assessment Request.



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