Report Police Technical Services Incident

Use the “Report Incident” link to report technical issues associated with the electronic access control system or if access to a door that you previously had access to is not working.  All requests for new electronic access should be submitted using the iShop requisition process.

Examples include:

  • Door scheduled to unlock at a certain time has not unlocked.
  • The card reader does not beep or flash its lights green after swiping your UTRGV ID card or tapping your proximity card.
  • A door should be secured but it is not.
  • An electronic lock is not working and access to area is denied.

Physical issues with doors should still be reported to Facilities by submitting a TMA work order. Please note this link will only work when on campus or when connected to the virtual private network (VPN).

Report Incident


Service ID: 51337
Tue 12/7/21 5:09 PM
Wed 12/8/21 7:40 AM