Phone Dialing Instructions and Cisco Telephone and Voice Mail Training

Dialing Instructions

University extensions - Use 5-digit dialing - dial the last 5 digits (for the same or different campus):

  • Edinburg, 665 prefix, dial + #### (last 4)
  • Brownsville, 882 prefix, dial 2 + ####  (last 4)
  • Harlingen/SOM, 296 prefix, dial + #### (last 4)

Local outside calls:

  • 9 555-5555

Long-distance or toll free calls:

  • 9 1 555-555-5555

International calls*:

Telephone Quick Start Guides and Tutorials 

All functions may not be available on university phones.


Cisco voice mail is managed with the Cisco Unity Connection Assistant (CISCOPCA) website  at (if the link doesn't work, cut and past the address into your browser).

Important: Log in with your 6-character UTRGV identifier.  If you do not know your identifier, visit and select I forgot my username.

Video tutorials

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