Procedures to Take Your Desktop Computer Off Campus

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  • Obtain approval from your supervisor to use your UTRGV desktop computer off-campus.

    • Submit a Service Request to have GlobalProtect Always On added to your desktop computer.  Include the asset tag name in the Service Request.  Once the computer has been added to the GlobalProtect Always On group, while on campus, connect it to the campus network for a while to allow updates.  GlobalProtect Always On automatically creates a VPN connection to the campus network upon log-in. 
    • Install Software updates - While on campus and connected to the campus network, restart your computer and let it sit a while to ensure it receives all the latest updates.  If the computer has not been restarted in a long time, this could take a while (up to 60 minutes).
    • Install Software - Ensure all software needed is installed. Please visit the Software Center to see a list of applications that are available to you. Special software that was purchased by an office should be obtained through that office.
    • Complete Asset Transfer - Please use the Asset Transfer process to change the location of an asset from your office to your home or remote work location.  
  • Disconnect computer - If you need assistance disconnecting it, please open a Service Request with the IT Service Desk. Enter “Help Disconnecting Computer” in the Short Description field.  Note that all computer cable connectors are keyed for easy reconnecting.


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