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Event Guest Accounts are available for individuals visiting a UTRGV campus for less than two weeks and who are not active UTRGV students, faculty, or staff.
These accounts are temporary and are only active for the period specified by the person making the request.

"Due to Covid, remote support will be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support."

Request service such as software, network line, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, etc.

Important Note:
If you are reporting an issue, click to submit a "Something Broken" ticket.

This Software Assessment request is the starting point to ensuring that, among other things, new software/technology meets technical and security requirements, adequate resources are available, requirements are fully identified, duplication of software on campus is avoided, and timelines are set in the best interest of the University and not necessarily vendor driven. This assessment also leads to more effective and efficient implementations. Please complete this request before initiating the purchasing process and note that upon completion, the Information Technology and/or Information Security Offices may request additional steps or information to be submitted.

Sanitize (remove/destroy files) computer hard drives before sending to surplus.

Due to Covid, remote support will be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support.

If you are having trouble with hardware, software or any IT Service let us know what's broken.

Request access to a University business resource: PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc.

Training on classroom multimedia technology and equipment.

User access request to specified Banner Student Information System roles.

Add hunt groups, call pick up groups, add additional extensions to the phone, remove extensions from a phone, change caller ID name, add/remove voicemail.

Microsoft Training is available from various online resources.

Request a new departmental email

Fast and easy downloading of the latest versions of Windows and VMware software at reduced prices for UTRGV students, faculty, and staff.

Provide services to IT employees for supplies, equipment, etc. in ishop.

Request access to business resource: PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc.

Please use this form to whitelist any external email sender.

Provide annual reports or surveys from the university and outside institutions, such as Educuase, Gartner, etc.

Control and management of electronic access to network connected resources.

Troubleshoot Internet connection issues such as Internet down, an inter-mitten Internet network connection.

Infrastructure Log Aggregation Software

Data Center Networking services

Creation, Modification, or Renewal of privileged accounts, (i.e., terminal server access, database access, application server access, domain access, etc.).

Use this form to request new or additional technical services specific to the Police Department. If you need UTRGV IT services, please click on the “Information Technology” link on the menu bar at the top of this page.

UTRGV mobile app, responsive websites, and web application development services.

Web-based training management application for University staff and faculty. Allows departments to set up and manage training events.