My Recently Visited Services

Lends laptops to employees traveling abroad to a high-risk country on official University business.

The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) provides High-Performance Computing Services on a multi-node Computing Cluster.

User access request to specified Banner Student Information System roles.

Self-service account management allows current UTRGV students, faculty, and staff to manage their UTRGV account online from any computer at any time.

Information Technology (IT) computer labs provide access to a variety of software, applications, and computing resources that support education and research.

Request a new departmental email

Email group distribution list for targeted communication.

Image/video bulletins on campus-wide TV monitors of upcoming events, student activities, and news.

User access request to specified PeopleSoft Financial Management System (FMS) roles.

User access request to specified PeopleSoft Human Capital Management System (HCM) roles.

The Office of Faculty and Research Support (OFRS) offers technology consulting services for research projects.

Create new voicemail accounts, troubleshoot issues with voicemail, such as voicemail not going to email, etc.

Control and management of electronic access to network connected resources.

Troubleshoot Internet connection issues such as Internet down, an inter-mitten Internet network connection.

Provide quotes for new telephone purchases.

Troubleshoot wireless connection issues such as slow or no connectivity.

Request a NEW SharePoint site in Office 365 to collaborate among teams or groups.

Web-based training management application for University staff and faculty. Allows departments to set up and manage training events.

Training on classroom multimedia technology and equipment.

Classroom Multimedia Technology Support provides rapid-response technical support and audio-visual equipment maintenance in all classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other meeting locations on all UTRGV campuses.

A Virtual Machine (VM) Server mimics a physical hardware server's actions and is capable of performing as if it was an entirely separate server. The Office of Faculty and Research Support Services provides faculty and researchers Virtual Machine (VM) Servers to host applications and services that are needed as part of their research.

Re-route existing network connection or provide new network connections for PC or phone.

To request web hosting and domain registration of an IP address to a host name that is to be used for official university related activities.

User access request to specified Hyperion roles.

Add hunt groups, call pick up groups, add additional extensions to the phone, remove extensions from a phone, change caller ID name, add/remove voicemail.