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Due to Covid, remote support will be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support.

If you are having trouble with hardware, software or any IT Service let us know what's broken.

Duo Registration Favorite Service
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security platform.

An interactive campus map for navigating through UTRGV campuses.

Web-based Conference/Event/Course Registration and Payment system (ePay).

Request access to a University business resource: PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc.

"Due to Covid, remote support will be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support."

Request service such as software, network line, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, etc.

Important Note:
If you are reporting an issue, click to submit a "Something Broken" ticket.

Sanitize (remove/destroy files) computer hard drives before sending to surplus.

Create, manage, distribute, and analyze surveys for University-related business.

User access request to specified Banner Student Information System roles.

Allows end users to download and install software or applications on their UTRGV-managed computer without requiring Administrator Rights.

Self-service account management allows current UTRGV students, faculty, and staff to manage their UTRGV account online from any computer at any time.

Information Technology (IT) computer labs provide access to a variety of software, applications, and computing resources that support education and research.

Troubleshoot all telephony issues with the call center's UCCX software (Finesse, Verba - call recording, SocialMiner - chat, SMP - supervisor management portal, reporting). Create New accounts

Athena Access and Service Requests including FlexScanMD, MaxRVU, and OpalRad PAC. Access to the electronic medical records (EMR) system, add or revise content, security, data migration, and user interface.

Request a new departmental email

Fast and easy downloading of the latest versions of Windows and VMware software at reduced prices for UTRGV students, faculty, and staff.

Email group distribution list for targeted communication.

Control and management of remote access resources.

Request a NEW File Share. NOTE: Please consider using Office 365 SharePoint when possible.

Image/video bulletins on campus-wide TV monitors of upcoming events, student activities, and news.

Support for video conferencing services.

Electronic fax service.

Sponsored accounts are available to those visiting a UTRGV campus for more than two weeks, and who need elevated access to UTRGV resources beyond those found in event Guest Accounts.

User access request to specified PeopleSoft Human Capital Management System (HCM) roles.