My Recently Visited Services

Use this form to request additional space or changes to use of existing space. Request for space currently assigned to another department will require approval by the Space Governance committee.

Requests to solve a business issue or create a project request, such as for software implementation, upgrades to existing applications and IT infrastructure, and new IT developments.

Domain trusting between universities and government agencies

Provide services to IT employees for submitting asset surplus & transfers in PS.

Lends laptops to employees traveling abroad to a high-risk country on official University business.

Create new Jabber softphone accounts and extensions.

Use this form to report technical issues with the campus electronic access control system. If you need UTRGV IT services, please click on the “Information Technology” link on the menu bar at the top of this page.

Event Guest Accounts are available for individuals visiting a UTRGV campus for less than two weeks and who are not active UTRGV students, faculty, or staff.
These accounts are temporary and are only active for the period specified by the person making the request.

Request access to a University business resource: PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc.

Request service such as software, network line, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, etc.

Classroom Multimedia Technology Support provides rapid-response technical support and audio-visual equipment maintenance in all classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other meeting locations on all UTRGV campuses.

Obtain authorization for the use of software not listed as permissible at UTRGV. If you plan to purchase software, follow the Software Assessment process before using university funds.

Virtual machines to support research activities

Information Technology (IT) computer labs provide access to a variety of software, applications, and computing resources that support education and research.

Creation, Modification, or Renewal of privileged accounts, (i.e., terminal server access, database access, application server access, domain access, etc.).

This service offering aims at managing network access to prohibited technologies

Athena Access and Service Requests including FlexScanMD, MaxRVU, and OpalRad PAC. Access to the electronic medical records (EMR) system, add or revise content, security, data migration, and user interface.

Training on classroom multimedia technology and equipment.

This training is required prior to receiving administer access UTRGV Training Services website.

Use this form to request service requests for the TCHATT program

Provide services to IT employees for submitting key access requests in ishop.

Troubleshoot all telephony issues with the call center's Genesys software.

Troubleshoot wireless connection issues such as slow or no connectivity.

The UTRGV Calendar is an interactive and mobile-friendly calendar that allows the UTRGV community (students, faculty, staff, and the public) to publish and browse university events.