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Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory Services

Administrative System Support

Administrative system continuity, issue resolution, business reporting, data extractions, configuration/development of new functionality, and maintenance for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and custom-built applications.

Annual Reports / Surveys

Provide annual reports or surveys from the university and outside institutions, such as Educuase, Gartner, etc.

Answer Universities' main phone lines and ext. 3300

Provide first point of contact to the outside community in answering the universities main phone lines and transfer to appropriate individual or department. IT Employees process when coming in late or absent to call 665-3300; we in turn notify supervisor and department. Same is done when the employee returns to campus.

Application Administration

Management and technical support for third-party applications including installing, updating, and troubleshooting.


Business Process Analysis

Analysis used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process by assessing how well it achieves its end goal.



Departmental calendars are available to post events specific to a department. Events can be posted using a web-based interface for display on the departmental website.

Classroom Multimedia Technology Support

Classroom Multimedia Technology Support provides rapid-response technical support and audio-visual equipment maintenance in all classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other meeting locations on all UTRGV campuses.

Classroom Technology Training Request

Training on classroom multimedia technology and equipment.

Clinical Services

Athena Access and Service Requests including FlexScanMD, MaxRVU, and OpalRad PAC. Access to the electronic medical records (EMR) system, add or revise content, security, data migration, and user interface.

Computer Labs (Reservation/Software)

Information Technology (IT) computer labs provide access to a variety of software, applications, and computing resources that support education and research.

Conference/Event/Course Registration and Payment

Web-based Conference/Event/Course Registration and Payment system (ePay).

Contact Center

Troubleshoot all telephony issues with the call center's UCCX software (Finesse, Verba - call recording, SocialMiner - chat, SMP - supervisor management portal, reporting). Create New accounts


Provide services to IT departments with contracts to be set up in ishop.

Credit Card payments

Provide services to pay with a credit card for approved training registrations and other items from CIO cost centers.


Data Center Hardware

Data Center Hosted hardware services

Data Center Monitoring

Data Center Monitoring software used to monitor infrastructure.

Data Center Networking

Data Center Networking services

Data Center Security

Data Center Security resolution

Database Services

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) hosted database services.

Departmental Email

Request a new departmental email

Departmental Imaging Creation Request

Request to set up application and procedures for the electronic capture of documents (ImageNow).

Direct Access

If your UTRGV issued computer needs to have direct access due to working remotely, an IT Service Request will need to be submitted. Please include the computer name in the Service Request.

Distribute equipment and mail services

Provide services for IT employees WFH to pick up mail, equipment, etc.

Domain Trust

Domain trusting between universities



Electronic fax service.


E-Learn offers online professional development courses in a wide variety of fields.

Employee Separations

Please follow all HR guidelines if you are separating from the University. This includes retirements, transferring of departments and separation from the University. IT Access Administration staff will assist in deprovisioning access to UTRGV IT resources accordingly. For more information please visit:

Enterprise Backups

Enterprise Backups for Servers and Databases hosted in UTRGV Data Centers.

Enterprise Logging

Infrastructure Log Aggregation Software

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage (SAN) for Software, Servers and Databases hosted in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) Data Centers.

eSign Access Request

Department user request for elevated permissions on eSign to build powerforms and templates after department has been cleared to use eSign.

eSign Departmental Request

Submit Service Request to Schedule a Consultation Meeting in order to see if eSign will work for your department business process.

Ethernet Connection

Troubleshoot Internet connection issues such as Internet down, an inter-mitten Internet network connection.


Faculty Class Schedule Outlook Calendar Load

Faculty Class Schedules from the student information system that are maintained by the Office of the Registrar are loaded every semester to the corresponding faculty Outlook Calendar.

Faculty Research Support

The Office of Faculty and Research Support (OFRS) offers technology consulting services for research projects.

Filing paper or digital files for Retention

Provide Services to maintain department files to meet with Records Management Retention.

Firewall Requests

Control and management of electronic access to network connected resources.


Gathering Information for ISO Security Exception

Get Access!

Request access to a University business resource: PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc.

Guest Accounts

Event Guest Accounts are available for individuals visiting a UTRGV campus for less than two weeks and who are not active UTRGV students, faculty, or staff.
These accounts are temporary and are only active for the period specified by the person making the request.


Hard Drive Removal for Surplus Request

Sanitize (remove/destroy files) computer hard drives before sending to surplus.

High-Performance Computing Center

The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) provides High-Performance Computing Services on a multi-node Computing Cluster.


Data Center Hypervisor services. Vmware hypervisor services to provide virtual server support.


Idea/Project Request

Requests to solve a business issue or create a project request, such as for software implementation, upgrades to existing applications and IT infrastructure, and new IT developments.

Integration Development

Application development for integrations between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, custom-built applications, or related third-party applications.

Interactive Campus Map

An interactive campus map for navigating through UTRGV campuses.

International Travel Laptop Loans

Lends laptops to employees traveling abroad to a high-risk country on official University business.

IP Reservation

Network IP reservation for special systems, such as Data Center, Security, Police Department, etc.

IT Administrative Request

Provide services to IT employees for supplies, equipment, etc. in ishop.

IT Asset Surplus/Transfer

Provide services to IT employees for submitting asset surplus & transfers in PS.

IT Change Management - Change Advisory Board (CAB)

The purpose of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) is to ensure that changes to information resources occur in a rational and predictable manner. The CAB will review all normal change requests, perform risk and impact analysis of proposed changes, reach consensus decisions, and communicate to the individuals requesting the change.

IT Intercampus Mileage Reimbursement

Provide services to IT employees for submitting intercampus mileage reimbursements in ishop.

IT Key Access Request

Provide services to IT employees for submitting key access requests in ishop.

IT Office Supplies

Provide basic office supplies, in stock, to IT employees. For Specialty office supplies - use IT Administrative Request and use departments funds.

IT Reconciliation

Provide services in monthly reconciling the IT Cost Centers.

IT Training Workshops

IT Training Workshops are listed in UTRGV Training Services website.

IT Travel Reimbursement Request

Provide services to IT employees for submitting travel reimbursement requests in ishop.

IT Travel Request

Provide services to IT employees for submitting travel requistions in ishop.

IT Vechicles Reservations

Provide services in scheduling vehicle reservations needed for employees to travel and perform IT Services to the university. Pick up & drop off locations for vehicle keys, track mileage, maintain vehicle maintenance, comply with all UTRGV Vehicles requirements, and submit monthly Vehicles Mileage & Fuel Log as required by state.


Linux Server Management

Software to manage Linux Server operating systems

ListServ Request

Email group distribution list for targeted communication.


Meet & Greet employees/visitors

Provide services to employees, faculty, and students when they walk in to IT and direct them to appropriate IT Departments.

MFA Registration

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security platform.

Microsoft Azure Services

Services hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure

Microsoft Training

Microsoft Training is available from various online resources.

Mobile Technology

UTRGV mobile app, responsive websites, and web application development services.

myUTRGV Portal

The myUTRGV campus portal is a one-stop gateway to all major campus services and Single Sign-on (SSO) to important applications like University email, ASSIST, Blackboard, PeopleSoft, etc.


Network Cabling

Re-route existing network connection or provide new network connections for PC or phone.

New Telephone Orders

Provide quotes for new telephone purchases.


Office 365

Microsoft hosted Office 365 collaboration services


PeopleSoft Time and Labor Questions

For assistance for supervisors unable to approve timecards, please contact Payroll team will communicate with IT Access Administration team with the security changes needed in PeopleSoft.

Privileged Account Request

Creation, Modification, or Renewal of privileged accounts, (i.e., terminal server access, database access, application server access, domain access, etc.).


Quarterly Reviews

IT Access Administration Team sends quarterly reports to Financial Management System (FMS), Human Resources (HCM), as well as Banner data owners reports of users and their access roles. Data Owners are to provide feedback if any access changes are needed


Reimage/Cleanup Request

Reimage a computer or remove old user profiles.

Report Police Technical Services Incident

Use this form to report technical issues with the campus electronic access control system. If you need UTRGV IT services, please click on the “Information Technology” link on the menu bar at the top of this page.

Report SPAM/Phishing

Report potentially malicious emails.

Request Police Technical Services

Use this form to request new or additional technical services specific to the Police Department. If you need UTRGV IT services, please click on the “Information Technology” link on the menu bar at the top of this page.



Provided services to scan scantron for faculty and other departments, as needed.

Scheduling calendar meeting invites

Provide services to departments in scheduling calendar invites for meetings, interviews with candidates for vacant positions, etc.

Service Request

"Due to Covid, remote support will be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support."

Request service such as software, network line, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, etc.

Important Note:
If you are reporting an issue, click to submit a "Something Broken" ticket.

SharePoint Site Request

Request a NEW SharePoint site in Office 365 to collaborate among teams or groups.

Single Sign On & Multifactor Authentication

Single Sign On and Multifactor Authentication

Softphone Applications

Create new Jabber softphone accounts and extensions.

Software Assessment

This Software Assessment request is the starting point to ensuring that, among other things, new software/technology meets technical and security requirements, adequate resources are available, requirements are fully identified, duplication of software on campus is avoided, and timelines are set in the best interest of the University and not necessarily vendor driven. This assessment also leads to more effective and efficient implementations. Please complete this request before initiating the purchasing process and note that upon completion, the Information Technology and/or Information Security Offices may request additional steps or information to be submitted.

Software Center

Allows end users to download and install software or applications on their UTRGV-managed computer without requiring Administrator Rights.

Software Training

Software Training delivered by vendors.

Something broken?

Due to Covid, remote support will be attempted first, prior to arranging in-person support.

If you are having trouble with hardware, software or any IT Service let us know what's broken.

Spam Firewall Requests

Control data flow to email resources.

Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored accounts are available to those visiting a UTRGV campus for more than two weeks, and who need elevated access to UTRGV resources beyond those found in event Guest Accounts.

Support Contracts

Data Center Software and Hardware support contract renewals


Create, manage, distribute, and analyze surveys for University-related business.


Telephone Hardware

Troubleshoot telephone issues, such as telephone rebooting, not powering up, shows "ethernet disconnected", no dial tone.

Telephone Invoices & Quotes

Provide services to pay Universities phone & circuits monthly invoices on time, so no disruptions occurs. Also provide services to departments requesting telephone quotes for new installs.

Telephone Request (Add,drop,change)

Add hunt groups, call pick up groups, add additional extensions to the phone, remove extensions from a phone, change caller ID name, add/remove voicemail.

Training Management Portal

Web-based training management application for University staff and faculty. Allows departments to set up and manage training events.


User Access Request (All Resources)

Request access to business resource: PeopleSoft, Banner, File Shares, Departmental Emails, etc.

User Access Request (Banner)

User access request to specified Banner Student Information System roles.

User Access Request (Hyperion)

User access request to specified Hyperion roles.

User Access Request (Peoplesoft FMS)

User access request to specified PeopleSoft Financial Management System (FMS) roles.

User Access Request (PeopleSoft HCM)

User access request to specified PeopleSoft Human Capital Management System (HCM) roles.

UTRGV Account Management (Self-Service)

Self-service account management allows current UTRGV students, faculty, and staff to manage their UTRGV account online from any computer at any time.

UTRGV Calendar

The UTRGV Calendar is an interactive and mobile-friendly calendar that allows the UTRGV community (students, faculty, staff, and the public) to browse university events happening at the different UTRGV campuses.

UTRGV Campus Facilities Operating's iServiceDesk

Provide services to employees by creating and submitting Facilities Work Order Request, such as repair clogged sink, A/C not working, non-tagged equipment to surplus, etc

UTRGV Messenger

Web-based service for faculty and staff to post event and news bulletins.

UTRGV Training Management Portal: Administrator Training

This training is required prior to receiving administer access UTRGV Training Services website.



Image/video bulletins on campus-wide TV monitors of upcoming events, student activities, and news.

Video Conference Request

Support for video conferencing services.

Virtual Machine for Research Request

A Virtual Machine (VM) Server mimics a physical hardware server's actions and is capable of performing as if it was an entirely separate server. The Office of Faculty and Research Support Services provides faculty and researchers Virtual Machine (VM) Servers to host applications and services that are needed as part of their research.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Requests

Control and management of remote access resources.

Voice Mail

Create new voicemail accounts, troubleshoot issues with voicemail, such as voicemail not going to email, etc.

VPN for Students

IF you're a UTRGV student and need access to VPN, please submit an IT Service Request in order for that service to be added to your UTRGV account.


Fast and easy downloading of the latest versions of Windows and VMware software at reduced prices for UTRGV students, faculty, and staff.


Web Hosting

Web hosting for official University websites. Web hosting for students and faculty to publish their personal websites is also provided.

Web Site Hosting and Registration Creation Request

To request web hosting and domain registration of an IP address to a host name that is to be used for official university related activities.

Web Site Quality and Compliance

Check your website for broken hyperlinks, misspellings, and load times for mobile devices. Ensure website complies with State and Federal laws on accessibility.

Webapp Development

Custom solutions development to automate processes and support for modification or enhancement of custom web applications.

Windows Server Management

Software to manage Windows Server operating systems.

Wireless Connection

Troubleshoot wireless connection issues such as slow or no connectivity.